Fitness Classes 

Go Figure! offers a variety of cardio and strength training classes throughout Simcoe County. For location and times please check out our Event page (please enter a link here to Event page).

Do you have a group of friends who would like to try a class together? Open space at work? Does your workplace value productivity? Are you looking for a fun way to spend some girl time?

Go Figure! offers customized classes for small and large groups (10 min.) We can also accommodate smaller group upon request. Classes can be modified to suit all ages and fitness levels.

Just some of our classes:

Butt and Abs – The name speaks for itself. The class concentrates on creating a curvaceous gluteus and flat fabulous abs. Be prepared to work hard.

Body Boot Camp – This class mixes cardio and strength to your body to the test. This is a full body workout. Prepare to sweat…

Fit Ball – Fitness using a stability ball, hand weights, tubing. It is an excellent full body workout that improves functional strength, core stability, flexibility, balance and posture. This class is for everyone.

Mom and Daughter Work Out – You shop together, you cook together, you relax together… how about working out together? Exercise is another means for mothers and daughters to be close. This class is a great way to strengthen your bond while you strengthen your bodies. 

This is only to name a few… whatever the imagination can think of … we can do… 

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