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This letter is to commend Nancy Cook on her commitment to increasing the physical activity of residents within Springwater Township! The Springwater Township Parks and Recreation Department have used Nancy’s services for two years to instruct a cardio boot camp class in different locations in the municipality and have had tremendous feedback from all participants. This partnership created is very valuable and one that the Township would hope to continue as the demand for fitness classes increases amongst the community!

Nancy’s passion for fitness is evident in her enthusiastic class instruction! Participants continue to participate in her sessions as they enjoy her dynamic personality and her ability to deliver an intense workout. Nancy is dependable and reliable and continually offers ways to improve her sessions.

The Parks and Recreation Department and the residents of The Township of Springwater have benefited from the instruction of Nancy Cook and her cardio boot camp classes.

Julie Ann Columbus

Recreation Coordinator, Springwater

Your studio was very warm, friendly and inviting. I found it a very pleasant environment to be in.

Patricia Clark

Executive Director , OASES

I was very impressed with your business and the work that you are doing. I really liked your personal approach to fitness
and a healthy lifestyle.

Lynn Strachan

Barrie City Councillor , The City of Barrie

I really enjoyed my personal training session with Go Figure! Nancy Cook is very knowledgeable. I liked how the exercises she taught, you could do at your home. You didn’t need a gym membership to get fit. I never experience aching muscles or injuries because Nancy knew the right stretches and cool-down at the end of each routine. Nancy motivated me to keep moving, even when I thought it was too hot, she didn’t let me off .

Carol Poise

Account Manager , Rock 95 FM

To me, Nancy is dynomite. I am a 60 year old, overweight and out of shape woman. The gains I have made may seem like small potatoes to some , but to me they seem huge. For example, I can get up from sitting on the floor to standing upright. I have the strength to open jars. I have gone from lifting 2lbs to lifting 8lbs. I am more aware of my posture. Stairs are easier to manoeuvre. I am using my puffers for my asthma less frequently. I feel more upbeat. The strength I have gained with Nancy has spilled into all of my daily activities.


Senior, Enjoying Life

I have been working with Nancy Cook of Go Figure Family Fun & Fitness since February 2006. I signed up with her because I wanted to lose weight and get healthier. My initial weight when I started my program with Nancy was 211.5 pounds, at my last appointment on Dec 20/06 my weight was down to 175 pounds, 22-inches overall. That is a total loss of over 35 pounds. I have lost 8″ off my waist, 5″ inches off my buttocks, 3″ inches of my thigh and believe it or not 1.5″ inches. I didn’t even know I have that there to lose. When I started working with Nancy I committed to doing the customized work out that she developed for me twice a week, once with her and once on my own. I still maintain that commitment; I see Nancy once a week at the same time every week. During each workout session Nancy ensures that I am doing the exercises correctly so that I don’t get injured and corrects anything that is wrong. She also gives me that little bit of a push when I need it. The one on one workout with Nancy is the type of atmosphere I needed. A gym is not the place for me, as I don’t have a lot of time to figure out how to operate all those machines. Nancy’s programs are designed so that they are easy to do at home and don’t cost a lot to get the equipment you need; a few free weights, a balance ball and some resistance bands, that’s it. Go Figure Family Fun & Fitness has been great at helping me reach my goals of weight loss.

Denise Hickling

Accounting Department , Simcoe County

In 8 short weeks I was able to achieve a level of fitness that I was never able to realize during several years of a gym membership. I was surprised at the commitment that Nancy asked of me to make – just two to three times per week. As a mom with a young child, it is difficult to find the time for fitness, but Nancy’s expectations were very realistic and easy to meet. In addition to Nancy’s fun work outs, your nutritional advice was invaluable. This summer I was able to wear several fashions that previously I was not confident in wearing. For me, this was the most exciting part of getting in shape. Thank you for your help!

Carrie Mew

Receptionist, Barrie

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